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Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association (LBMAA)
Board Of Directors Meeting

06/15/2015, 11:45
The Pond


Susie Kocourek, Gabe Schell, Paula Redmann, Melissa Hammond, Ryan Steinman, Michelle Walker

Welcome new board member Ryan Steinman, graduate of the LBM Class of 2015.

  1. Secretary’s Report: Paula shared the May meeting minutes.Gabe informed the group of the by-laws that allow the board to take action and make decisions without a quorum. Michelle moved to accept the May meeting minutes; seconded by Gabe, motion passed/

  2. Treasurer’s Report: Michelle shared the report. $14,890.75 in the bank. The revenue and expenses from the Riverboat fundraiser have not been recorded as of yet. Paula moved to accept the Treasurer’s report; Melissa seconded, motion passed.

  3. Committee Reports:

    1. Membership – no report
    2. Social Events/Training & Development –
      1. Past Events:

        1. Riverboat fundraiser. Melissa gave a brief report. It was a great event and beautiful evening. Needed to have more ticket sales. If this event continues in 2016, there needs to be more board and membership support. Melissa estimates LBMAA made $400.

      2. Upcoming Events:

      3. Legislative wrap up: The Chamber already did this program. We will not pursue this idea for an LBMAA program at this time.

      4. 1. July: Tour of new Hillside Aquatic Complex and program by Bismarck Parks and Recreation District. Paula will check on dates and availability and report back.

      5. August: Take a program break? Pursue Joe Torillo speaking event since he will be in town for another presentation? The board will continue this discussion further via email once we find out his fee.

      6. September: Annual meeting, board elections and introduction of Class of 2016. The date is September 23. Gabe had a handout of board member terms and expiration dates. We should have Oct/Nov/Dec programs set by this meeting to announce them to the attendees.

        1. October idea – a Leadership Expo, to learn about professional and volunteer opportunities with the Chamber and with other local groups – arts, culture, social, etc.

        2. Other future topics:

          1. -Personality Training / Generation Training

          2. -Stem (Science, Technology, engineering, math)

          3. -Housing Needs

          4. -Human Trafficking

          5. -Legacy High School tour (after October)

    3. Communications & Public Relations – Jennifer will be sending out the next newsletter shortly
  4. Old Business:

    -The third Monday of the month will be our regular board meeting day.  

  1. New Business: There will not be a July Board meeting.










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