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Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association (LBMAA)
Board Of Directors Meeting
05/09/2011, Noon
The Chamber


Leadership Bismarck-Mandan Alumni Association (LBMAA)
Board Meeting
May 9, 2011
Present: Tonya Schlaht, Treva Beard, Greg Ellwein, Tim Pfaff, Marnie Piehl, Robin Thorstenson
Secretary’s Report: approved (m/s Schlaht/Pfaff)
Treasurer’s Report: presented by Tim Pfaff; approved (m/sThorstensen/Schlaht)
·         Checking Account Balance (5/911) = $1616.63
·         Savings Account Balance (5/9/11) = $6410.05
Committee Reports
 Membership – Committee members not present, discussion held.
No new members;82 members paid up; would like to research when the dues drop off, engagement wanes – believe it to be years 6/7.
Discussion about getting class reps from past 5-6 years to reunite and LBMAA board will pitch to them.
All class reunion vs. annual meeting
Social Events, Tanya Schlaht
            IDEA Center – good event, but 10 no-shows
Training & Development, Tanya Schlaht
Communications & Public Relations – Wes Engbrecht, Marnie Piehl
            Send minutes to Wes.
Silent Auction/Fundraising
Old Business
Graduation &Distinguished Alumni Recipient
Good graduation event
New Business
LBM Changes/Refresh, Tanya Schlaht
Redoing application, directing people online
                        Not a lot of changes, more of a reassurance and refresh
            Issue Days
Mission refined: Developing an understanding of the business and public community for potential leaders
Armed Forces addition
                        Training for Issue Day chairs
                        Better management of speaker overlap
Encouraging Issue Day chairs to contact chamber committees as first part of planning
2-4 meetings per year for chairs (August & January)
Will require 2 chairs:
One chair = in the industry; another outside of the industry
4 year positions
                                    August orientation for issue day chairs
Templates being developed for the day
Online feedback rather than paper
Field projects will continue (70% of those surveyed want them)
            Project application will be revamped
            LBM dates extended with last few weeks dedicated to field projects
2011 representative to LBMAA Board – discussed; Susie will email class in June asking for interested party.
            Incorporate into graduation activities
            Lifetime of Service award at Annual Meeting
            Award trophy
            Work with Dot Frank, Bonnie and Marilyn Johnson
LBM Scholarship
Chamber Foundation will be a part of contribution to diversify classes helping non-profits and small businesses
Will help increase LBMAA connection to Chamber too
Pass the hat at Chamber events
Next meeting – Monday, June 13 at noon, The Chamber
Meeting adjourned at 12:44p.m.


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